Christ Church Secondary School of Guyana Alumni Association Inc. New York


Roasted breast of turkey with cranberry chutney

Sliced breast of chicken with wild mushroom and tarragon

Atlantic salmon with a lemon and herb sauce

Chilean sea bass with a balsamic vinegar sauce

Grilled swordfish with mango salsa

Sliced tenderloin of beef with a natural reduction and red wine

Cold poached salmon with tomatoes, cucumbers and sauce verte

Fussili with shrimp, sausage, spinach, and peppers

Bowtie pasta with julienne breast of chicken, red onions, peas,

and a vermouth cream sauce

Penne with tomatoes, black olives, basil and extra virgin olive oil


Rice Pilaf

White and wild rice with pecans and scallions

Roasted red bliss potatoes with whole grain mustard and rosemary

Whipped potatoes

Cous-cous with diced vegetables and fresh herbs


Roasted and grilled vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and oregano

Medley of garden vegetables, harricot vert, yellow and green patty pans, carrots and cauliflower

Grilled asparagus with orange zest and champagne vinaigrette

Harricot vert with dijon vinaigrette


Assorted breads and rolls


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